City Vibes & Conscious Closets: ATC's Ethical Fashion Journey.

Hey there, ladies! Whether you're hustling at home, in a swanky office, or exploring exciting cities worldwide, Around the City has got your back! We offer everyday womenswear with a conscious, eco-friendly touch to elevate your daily life. Our hand-made clothing is specially designed for the fast-paced city lifestyle, and it even adds a sprinkle of fun to your girl gang getaways. Say goodbye to the eternal struggle of "what to wear?" because our goal is to save you precious time and make your life a breeze!

Back in 2019, we embarked on our brand-building journey, ready to conquer the fashion world. But just when we were gaining momentum, Covid-19 hit us hard. Our operations had to hit the pause button for a while. However, as soon as those pesky restrictions eased up, we wasted no time and jumped back into action! Initially, we manufactured our garments at a factory in Mumbai, but guess what? We're thrilled to announce that we now have our very own manufacturing unit in Pune, Maharashtra. Yep, you heard it right! We're doing everything in-house now, and we couldn't be prouder.


Niharika in our Porto Top 

Crafting our garments in small quantities is our pride and joy. And let us tell you a secret: some of our hottest pieces are custom-made just for you! Now, let's talk raw materials—the secret sauce of our creations. We meticulously source from local suppliers and partner with ethical, certified vendors across India. Every thread we use comes with a positive story behind it. While we love adding a touch of fun to women's wear, we're serious about our values and practices. We're all about sustainability and making our planet a better place. Our mission is to go above and beyond, pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly practices to create a greener, more fashionable world. 

Our founder, Niharika, stumbled upon something shocking while pursuing her master's degree overseas in 2018. Many shoppers are more drawn to fast fashion, despite the sorry state of our environment and the desperate cries for help from our planet. It was this realization that sparked the birth of ATC. She understood that now, more than ever, slow fashion and eco-friendly clothing are where it's at. They are the holy grail, a significant step toward a sustainable life. Her mission became clear—to create stylish, functional and ethical clothing that empowers women to rock their busy, chaotic lives. And guess what fueled our founder's imagination? Her globetrotting adventures across diverse cities worldwide. Cities are like vibrant playgrounds bursting with endless possibilities, forever etching a special place in the hearts of those who experience them. The energy, the cultures, the incredible people she met along the way—it all left an indelible mark.

     Niharika in our Verona Maxi dress

So, get ready, because ATC is here to deliver an unbeatable fusion of city vibes, ethical fashion, and everything that sets our hearts racing. It's all neatly packed into a cozy, fresh package that will have you feeling fabulous. Get on board and let's embark on this incredible journey together!