Who We Are

Cities have always been such an Integral part of our everyday lives. Cities have so much to offer and they tap into different emotions such as joy, excitement, nostalgia and happiness. We literally thrive, vibe and build our lives in these metropolitan jungles. Always looking forward to new places, food, entertainment and of course people. Cities have so much going on in them, that they always hold some special place for someone somewhere. The inception of our brand Around The City was born from the very desire to look effortlessly stylish while one goes around hustling and doing their own thing.

City life can be very demanding at times and women sometimes want to look their best by spending less time in making decisions on what to wear, hence we at Around The City create everyday pieces which elevate your style effortlessly. Our pieces are nonseasonal, chic, handmade in India and produced using all conscious fabrics and eco-friendly practices. At Around The City, we are constantly making your next go-to pieces to glam up your everyday wear wardrobe. Our pieces are designed for all the busy, creative, fun and open-minded city girls who love to put out their best foot forward when it comes to their personal style. Our pieces are multi-functional which can be worn for your outing with your girl-gang, Sunday brunches, evening strolls with your lover or even pack it as a suitcase essential for your next holiday. Our aim at Around The City is to make your daily life as easy as possible by designing garments which can go from AM to PM.

Around The City
Around The City

Our Priorities at ATC

At Around The City, we design pieces very much keeping in mind the environmental damage that goes into manufacturing clothes. Hence, we use various mindful practices to cut down on the carbon footprint. We are a slow fashion brand and we manufacture clothes in smaller quantities and some of our pieces are even made on demand bases. Our clothing is hand made in our family owned workshop in Pune, India. Our fabrics are completely bio-degradable as we only work with fabrics such as organic cotton, pure viscose, organic linen, peace satin etc. All our raw materials are sourced from locally and from ethical and certified vendors across India. All the dyes that go in our garments, are 100% Azo-free and natural which makes it skin-friendly. Inks that we use for printing are GOTS-certified as well. We are a fun women’s wear fashion brand but when it comes to our values and practices we are quite serious and we always strive to do our best when it comes to sustainable practices in regards to our planet.

Around The City is owned by Arica Apparels LLP.